Readings & Presentations

Above: At the annual Westwind Journal winter reading


* Westwind Journal,  Winter 2017 Reading. Fowler Museum, UCLA.

* Huizache Journal, February 2017 Reading. Boyle Heights, CA.

* Rivers Inside Her Name: Stories of Loss, Separation & Bordered Love, was nominated along 11 other student Div IIIs for an exhibition and reading at the annual Hampshire College event “Creative Interventions: Presentations of a Selection of Arts and Social Action Div IIIs Combining Forms of Creative Practice and Engagement with Social Issues/Social Justice.” I assembled a 10-minute presentation of my senior thesis for an audience of one hundred. Click here to read the event program.

* Aguas Divididas will have a short reading and exhibition as part of the “Hampshire in Havana” showcase at  Hampshire College’s 45th anniversary. June 5-7, 2015.


* “Rivers Inside Her Name: Stories of Loss, Separation & Bordered Love.” (March 2017) Skype Presenter. Resistant Fluidities. Spanish Department at Colby College. Waterville, ME.

* “El Río Grande as Unruly Archive: Submerged Voices of the Chamizal Diaspora.” (March 2017) National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Irvine, CA.

* “Taming the Criminal Río Grande.” (October 2016) Chicano Studies 10A Lecture. University of California Los Angeles, CA.

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